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Angel Bedolla San Diego Guitar Lessons
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Angel Bedolla

Voice & Guitar


"Every musician has a unique voice, let's find yours."

Angel Bedolla was born to rock. Through High School, Angel participated in many performance activities including his singing and acting abilities. As his desire to rock continued to smolder inside him, Angel took on piano and guitar study. That's when things really started to cook.

Angel's eclectic tastes and willingness to play anything has made him a hit with his students. He can walk you through virtually any challenge that is before you.

In 2015, Angel joined Mobile Music Teacher on stage and fronted several of our groups. His performances are always epic, but what really sets Angel apart is how he functions behind the scenes at rehearsals. Angel is an encouraging leader and positive motivator. He would help players to get their parts down more comfortably and would always lead his group to a successful performance. Since then, Angel has been a vital part of the team.

Now Angel offers Voice, Piano, Guitar, and Bass Guitar lessons at your home.

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