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Dara Arbab Mobile Music Teacher Piano Teacher San Diego

Dara Arbab

Piano, Keyboard, & Mallet Percussion

Fingers Playing Piano Keys

"Each person's musical journey is unique and should be personal to them. Together, we can grow you into the player that you want to be."

Dara is the ultimate piano teacher. He has a deep love for music that is readily expressed by his masterful hands. His eagerness to share and willingness to listen makes him a patient and engaging instructor.

As a pianist through his high school jazz band, a solo performer, and in several bands Dara has performance experience to his credit. His time as a math and science tutor brings him the ability to get through to his students on difficult topics. Rapport with children, teens, and adults has always come easy to him.

Dara is truly the one stop shop when it comes to piano teachers. Not only does Dara have an abundance of knowledge and skill to share as a teacher, We are  also able to  offer his Piano Tuning services at a competitive rate.

When he's not in his lessons, Dara is furthering his study at Palomar College.
Creating and composing music is also a passion for him and he keeps his Spotify account stocked with his latest works.

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