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Michael Kuszajewski

Electric and Upright Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Music Performance Instruments

“Playing music is all about personal growth, self-expression, and most importantly having fun. Its not about what you can’t do but what you can do. Whether that’s playing for yourself or playing with others, I am about helping my students realize that they have everything within themselves to accomplish their goals.

Anybody can teach from a book or a lesson plan, which is sometimes necessary, but I find students are most engaged when the subject is something they are interested in. Learning and transposing songs from your favorite artist, improving a particular technique, or trying to compose your own tunes? I’m here to help.”

Mike Kuszajewski fell in love with music when he was twelve years old. It was a way to understand the world through exploration and self-expression. He began playing trombone and acoustic guitar in middle school. By high school he got a hold of a bass guitar and all bets were off.

Michael has been playing in too many bands to count, of all sorts of genres, toured the states playing music, and recorded on several albums.

Now Mike studies jazz, world music, and classical composition at Cal State San Marcos and composes his own music.

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