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"Let's play some music!"

Ryo started playing guitar when he was 10 years old and hasn't stopped since. He grew up in a highly musical family, so music runs through his veins. A love for music was kindled in Ryo at a very young age by the various songs that his dad would play on the piano and the karaoke that would always occur on family road trips. Along with his love for music, he is patient and extremely open-minded, making him an adept instructor.

Ryo's first instrument was the guitar, which he has been playing since he started, but he is also an experienced drummer. Since guitar wasn't an option at his middle school or high school, Ryo decided to join the band playing percussion. This quickly evolved to include drum set in his middle school jazz band. Staying in the music program throughout middle and high school, Ryo gained much experience with various concert percussion instruments and techniques, as well as plenty of drum set experience from the jazz band. He also played in the marching band, playing many instruments, ranging from the marching snare to xylophone, and even auxiliary rack percussion. On top of that, Ryo has played in musical theaters with and outside of school, playing general percussion as well as drum set.

Don't let all of that detract from his guitar prowess, though. Although his experience in school was all about percussion instruments, Ryo continued to play guitar outside of school for all of that time as well, starting lessons with Seth as soon as he got his guitar. Now, he's at Palomar College majoring in music performance on guitar, so his skill and progress have increased substantially since committing fully to music.
While Ryo studies to get an associate's degree in music with a plan to transfer and complete his bachelor's degree after that, he plays with the jazz band at his college and plays in musical theater productions there when guitar is needed as well. Ryo has much advice to offer on students considering further education or even a career in music.

Ryo has always been good with kids, elders, and everything in between. He is always eager to offer help and always shows compassion towards those around him. He has always had a knack for being able to explain concepts well, so teaching comes naturally to him.

Always ready to provide knowledge, patience, and guidance, Ryo is set to provide high-quality lessons for guitar or drums.

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