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Say goodbye to those mundane old recitals. Rock Band Recitals are here!

These recitals bring the excitement of the stage to budding musicians. Professional equipment, sound, and lighting all come together to showcase our amazing student’s skills.

Our students suggest songs that they would like to perform and we team them up to put on a show they will never forget.


Each participant of a Rock Band Recital will experience two separate hour-long rehearsals with an experienced teacher to coach them. These rehearsals are a great way to learn how to communicate with other musicians and become aware of the nuances that make a band sound incredible. This is an extracurricular experience that goes beyond your drum lessons or guitar lessons. Students are also exposed to like-minded local musicians who they can jam with or even start bands with.

These shows are a comfortable and encouraging way to be exposed to live performance. Once our students get a taste for the stage, they are eager to get back up there again. Check out videos of our past shows and contact us for details on how you can get involved in upcoming shows.

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