"My friendly personality, lame jokes, and abundant guitar knowledge ensure that my lessons are fun, and that we will have an amazing time. I want to help my students to get where they want to be, and can adapt my teaching style to suit any level of player.

I let my students guide me to the songs they want to play, whether it’s a new Disney teen group or the latest heavy metal band. My methods are simple and proven. If you've tried guitar lessons before and put the guitar down - I'm the teacher for you.”

"Music and guitar playing is my life. I approach teaching as an opportunity and a privilege to meet and inspire new people. It is very important to me that my students learn to play whatever style they want to play, and that they have a great time doing so. I believe that in order to grow as a musician and to truly appreciate the guitar, lessons should stretch the student’s learning capacity while maintaining a fun and friendly environment."

"Music is the language of emotion, the stories of our souls, and to the musician, it is the magic power we possess that makes us truly special."

Seth Lyons

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

You pick the music you want to learn, I'll do the rest. We'll set our sights on your goals and I'll help challenge you to achieve them."

"I focus on making my lessons a positive learning environment where my students have fun - paying close attention to their interests. I introduce new styles and ideas with the ability to apply them in context. I always want to motivate my students to exceed their own expectations. Learning proper technique, good form, and keeping a positive attitude are things I strive to achieve with every lesson."

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