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Lesson Policy

General Policy
- A parent or guardian 18 years of age or older must be on the premises at all times during in home lessons.
- Students must be on time to all lessons.
- No food, gum, or candy is allowed during lessons.
- Instructors will not be held responsible for scolding or reprimanding students.

Release of Liability
Client agrees to hold Rock Band School of Music / Mobile Music Teacher, as well as any trustees, harmless for any responsibility or liability, and
from any and all bodily injury claims, demands, damages, costs, expense actions and cause of action arising from any act or
occurrence and particularly on accounts of all property or bodily damage, loss suffered, or damages sustained as a result of
the participation in music lessons and/or Rock Band School of Music / Mobile Music Teacher.

Payments and Missed Lessons

- Class cancellation notice must be given via our online Class Cancellation Form and/or to our office 760-305-3333
- All reschedule requests must be made 24 hours prior to regularly scheduled lessons. 48 hours notice is required for an account credit.
- Reschedule requests made after the 24 hour deadline will not be made up or credited. Payment will be required for lesson(s) missed.
- Any rescheduled lessons will not be rescheduled further.
- Payment for each month, prior to music lessons, is required.
- Payments must be made before the first week of each calendar month in which lessons are held.
- Payments for classes expire after one year and are be used within that time frame.
- If a student begins music lessons in the middle of the month, the remainder of the month is due immediately to reserve a lesson time.
- Checks must be made payable to “Rock Band School of Music
- No refunds will be given for lessons paid in advance.

Delinquent accounts will be charged a 10% late fee for every month not paid. A $25 charge applies for all returned checks.

This contractual agreement will be held between both the client listed below and Rock Band School of Music / Mobile Music Teacher  for so long as lessons
occur and any other time period designated within this agreement.


Rental Equipment
-All rental equipment through RBSOM is subject to the payment policy outlined above. .
-Equipment is rented ‘per week’ and will accompany your lesson invoice.
-Lost or damaged equipment is to be reimbursed by the renter to RBSOM for the full value of the rented equipment.

By taking lessons with Rock Band School of Music (Mobile Music Teacher), I agree to these terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions apply to all customers, without acception.


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