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Join us for our next recital!

Sunday June 3rd 2018

Ramona Main Stage

If you'd like to sign up for a song on the list or suggest a song for us to add to the list, please send a message via our sign up form.


We ask that you consider the following criteria before signing up:


1) You must be able to play through the song all the way or very close to completition (wIth consistent lessons with a teacher helping you to complete)


2) You are able to attend the 2 mandatory one-hour rehearsals for each song


3) You are prepared to pay $50 participation fee for each song. This helps to cover the costs of the show and coaches at rehearsals. Payment is due before rehearsals begin.


Songs are selected when there are a sufficient number of students on a song. 2-3 minimum depending upon the song. For this reason it is best to pick popular songs if you'd like yours to make it to the final cut. We do our best to encourage students to sign up for each other's songs, but ultimately our student's involvement determines what songs make it to the show.



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