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Join us for our next recital!

Sunday June 3rd 2018 5:00pm

Ramona Main Stage

Sign Up and Song List Here!

All guests are welcome, this is a public, all ages event. Bring your friends!
$10 at the door.

As usual, we will have Frontman video capturing the whole experience.
(Click here to order DVDs of previous recitals)

We are also excited to introduce The Main Course
Located right next door to Ramona Main Stage, now there is a dining option when you come to the recital. Make reservations if you'd liek to dine before or after the recital.


Performer Tips:

Guitars: Only bring your instrument, strap, and pick. If needed, bring your capo as well.

Please do not bring in your cases, amplifiers, pedals, or any other items. We simply do not have space to stor ethes ethings. All amplifiers will be provided.
Please arrive 30 minutes before show to check in your guitar and give us time to tune you up.

Drums: Only bring your prefered sticks. Drumset will be provided at show. If you have a particular pedal preference, you may bring that in, but must keep with you.

Please arrive no less than 5 minutes before show.

Keyboards: Please determine with your song coach if you will need to bring your keyboard and stand or if the keyboard provided is sufficient for your sound.
Please arrive 30 minutes before show if you need to sound check your own keyboard. Otherwise, 5 minutes before the show is fine.

Vocalists: Mics and stands will be provided, but we understand if you prefer to bring and use your own microphone. Must keep microphone with you.
Please arrive no less than 5 minutes before show.


Ramona Main Stage
626 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065

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